Freitag, 26. April 2013

Preciosa Ornela - Beads for blogpost

Most of you do surely know PRECIOSA ORNELA  as a guarantee for quality and tradition.  That is not the whole truth. They knew and know how to mix the customer's wishes with the demand for highest quality - e.g. the PRECIOSA Twin which you can find in my IGNITION pendant as well as in GET TOGETHER bracelet. For all those who love those sparkling little somethings - look at their brand new MC Chaton Maxima (don't forget to put on your sun glasses)!
If I had only time to do all those things with beads that are buzzing around in my head... but STOP!
There will be a new bead crochet necklace in a few days in - guess which colours? I will tease a bit more, but it will be made of Preciosa seed beads.
You are still not curious about that whole thing? Cannot image that - so go and have a look to

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